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How it all Started

Well I could tell you the same old story: "I've had a camera in my hands since I could remember", but that wouldn't really be the truth, now would it? No, I'm talking about the 'aha' moment. When everything clicked. When the spark hit and created a wildfire in my soul. I know dramatic visualization, but you get the point.

2016 - my second year of college. I decided to take a photography class and my dad had given me a Pentax DSLR to use. Well long story short, I dropped the class, so here I was, with a perfectly good camera in hand and nothing to do with it.

Until my friends had an idea! They came to me and pitched the whole concept - insecurities. 'We want to see that the parts of us that we are insecure about, or don't like, are actually beautiful, we want to see them through someone else's eyes'.

Suddenly there was a much deeper connection with the images I was capturing. There is so much more to just 'taking a photo'. There was depth now. The small details were telling a story. It was vulnerable and raw. It was art.

You're not just another session, it's not just another photo. It's you. All of you, the little details, your energy, your story.

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