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meet katie


Hi! I'm Katie

a little about me

I'm a Utah girly, born and raised! I graduated from Lehi High School and attended school at Snow College. I'm passionate about advocating for sexual assault survivors, mental health, and eating disorder awareness. When I can, I like taking life at a slower pace by practicing yoga, reading, and spending time in the mountains. That or binging a new tv series with my husband, Bailey, scrolling through tiktok, and curling up with our pets.

I have a special place in my heart for my LGBTQIA+ family and the BIPOC community. I believe that everyone is beautiful, deserves to feel safe, and have their love captured.

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it all started


"It's so much more than just taking a pretty picture.

It's capturing your story.

Your life. Your love.

It's creating art."

       - yours truly

I didn't know what I 'wanted to be' growing up. I would change my mind often; Veterinarian, Hair Stylist, Psychologist, Teacher, you name it, it probably crossed my mind at some point, but nothing ever landed. 'Photographer' was never one of those things, I always thought it was a hobby beacuase that's all it was to me for the longest time!


I was truly obsessed with taking pictures as a kid. I loved getting the teeny tiny details of flowers. I remember my dad telling me "you should photograph people". Little did I know that he was on to something. In 8th & 9th grade I was on our school's yearbook committee and it taught me the structural basics. In  highschool I finally took photography classes and learned Manual Mode, Photoshop, and shooting on film and how to develop it. But again, it was just a hobby, something I did for fun.

The main thing I was interested, at the time, was theater. I dreamed of being on stage. I sold my soul to our theatre department, so much so that when my senior year of high school came around I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do, all I knew is that theater made me happy. So I panicked. I found out what school my friends were applying to, we all got in, and applied to be roomies together in our very first apartment. So here we are, at Snow College in the tiny town of Ephraim Utah. I had received a theater scholarship and I was convinced I was getting a performing arts degree. Spoiler alert, your girl never got the degree. And no, I didn't get my degree in photography either. I completely dropped out, but that one's a story for another time.

please enjoy one of the few photos I have of myself on stage.

and one of my senior photos with my letterman jacket and converse that I lived in.

It's 2016, my second year of college. I decided to take a shot at photography again. I signed up for a  photography class and my dad had given me a Pentax DSLR to use while I was there. Well, the class was 3-4 hours long, 3 days a week, and we were starting at the very beginning...sooooo I dropped the class. There I was, with a perfectly good camera in hand and nothing to do with it.


And then my friends had an idea. They pitched the concept - insecurities. They wanted me to take portraits of them and capture the things they were most insecure about so they could see them through someone else's eyes. Not gonna lie, I was terrified, but it finally...clicked. Suddenly there was a much deeper connection with the images I was capturing. There is so much more to just 'taking a photo'. There was depth now. The small details were telling a story. It was vulnerable and raw. It was art. It sparked a fire in me and craved more. I wanted to create. I wanted to help others feel beautiful and confident.

That experience became the entire foundation of my photography; to capture real moments, with real people, to share their story


Send me a quick message about what session you're interested in, and a little bit about yourself! I'll respond as quickly as possible!

Let's be Friends!

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