prep guide


Let's get started!

#1 Anyone can do a boudoir

#2 it's normal to be nervous

Boudoirs are perfect for anyone! Your relationship status, age, body type, or stage in life doesn't prevent you from doing this for yourself! Boudoir is one of the most powerful forms of self love and is the best way to boost your confidence!

Trust me, it's totally okay if you feel nervous or you're worried about feeling awkward, but don't fret sis, I got you! I'll be there the entire time to prompt and help guide you into poses and flatter every shape of you. Bring your hype girl or a shot or 2 of liquid courage and get ready to have fun!





There are so many things you could wear for your boudoir, but the most important thing to remember, when deciding what you wear is how you feel in it! Make sure to try everything on before your session to make sure your items still fit. Our bodies change, and that's okay!

Bring a variety of outfits in case you change your mind the day of, and don't forget to accessorize! Bring anything you'd like to incorporate (heels, thigh high stockings, jewelry, button ups, sweaters, etc.)

For Tease Sessions: Bring 1-3 different outfits

For Honey Sessions: Bring 3-6 different outfits

Avoid obnoxious or distracting patterns, instead choose some bright colors that will pop in the pictures and/or a classic black , blue or white.


(Pro tip: If you are a B cup or smaller, you can find a bra that has lace around the top of the cup and it will make you look a whole size bigger in photos.

Nude is totally an outfit option. Bare it all, strategically drape yourself with fabric, or hold yourself with your hands; This is completely up to you! I'll always ask what you're comfortable with, but don't forget that you have total control during your session!

Check out these outfit ideas below!


Bra & Underwear

Garter Set

Body Suit/Teddies




Stockings/Thigh Highs